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Must-Have Features in New Construction Homes Fort Worth

Must-Have Features in New Construction Homes Fort Worth

When it comes to investing in a property, whether it's a brand-new construction or resale home, it's imperative to research and prepare effectively. Regardless of location, laying the groundwork beforehand can save both time and money.

Finding new home construction usually involves a series of steps, from selecting an experienced builder to securing a real estate agent and lender. However, what if all these essential pre-construction tasks could be streamlined into one seamless process? That's precisely what UBH strives to offer.

United Built Homes has a rich history of crafting exceptional residences. However, coming back to business. Here's a breakdown of key features when opting for new construction homes Fort Worth. Let's delve into why new home construction surpasses resale properties and explore the essential features to prioritize when selecting new construction homes.

What Defines New Construction?

New construction is characterized by freshly built homes with no prior occupancy history, constructed from the ground up using modern materials and amenities. These properties encompass single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and multifamily real estate.

Buyers have the option to buy directly from a builder involved in a planned development. The property may be in various stages of construction, ranging from being in the process of being built to a vacant spec or model home.

Alternatively, builders may offer pre-designed models to choose from, with ready-to-build lots available. Additionally, buyers can opt to buy land separately and engage a builder to construct their dream home.

What are the benefits of buying new construction over an existing home?

Whether you plan to buy new homes in Fort Worth under 250k or new homes in Fort Worth under $300k, it can benefit your life in the following ways.

  • Low-maintenance living:

The primary advantage of new construction homes is the pristine condition they offer. With everything being brand-new, buyers are unlikely to encounter major repairs to hardware systems and the structure shortly. Components such as the roof, HVAC system, and water heater are all freshly installed and typically covered under warranty, reducing initial capital maintenance costs for buyers.

This contrasts with existing homes, where buyers may face the need to replace key components shortly after purchase.

  • Make it your own:

New construction grants buyers the opportunity to customize their property to suit their preferences. From selecting finishes and fixtures to choosing energy-efficient appliances and home upgrades, buyers can tailor their homes to reflect their tastes and lifestyles.

Some buyers may even opt to work with an architect to design a truly unique property, affording them complete control over the final product.

  • More efficient living:

Newer homes incorporate the latest technological advancements to enhance the living experience. Features such as smart thermostats, lighting controls, and voice command capabilities are increasingly common in new development homes.

Beyond convenience, these upgrades also include improvements in less visible areas, such as window designs, insulation, and building materials, resulting in homes with lower environmental impact and reduced energy costs over time.

Top Features in New Construction Home Fort Worth

- Warranties:

Your home builder must offer a year guarantee for not spending on plumbing or electrical issues. At UBH, we offer a 10-year limited Structural Warranty, a 2-year limited Mechanical Warranty covering plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, and a 1-year Limited Workmanship Warranty.

- Construction:

Our on-site, stick-built construction ensures compliance with the International Residential Code. We provide superior quality dimensional lumber, doors, windows, and roofing materials, with individual job site supervision by experienced professionals.

- Roof:

Your home roof's feature must feature laminated asphalt shingles with a limited lifetime warranty, attic ridge vents, and options for metal roofs.


Experience energy-efficient living with a standard electric furnace, 16 SEER air conditioning, and an energy-saving digital thermostat.

- Exterior:

Enhance your home's exterior with fiber cement Hardie siding, HardieSoffit, and HardieTrim. Choose from brick and stone upgrades, with house wrap and waterproofing tape for added protection.

- Framing:

Our framing includes #2 Southern Yellow Pine lumber, premium studs, treated sill beams and plates, and 2x8 floor joists. Enjoy 15/32" OSB wall and roof sheathing, with the option for Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing.

- Windows & Doors:

Upgrade your home with Low E Argon-filled vinyl windows, fiberglass-insulated entrance doors, and rot-proof door jambs. Exterior doors feature door sill pans to reduce leakage and come equipped with door knobs and single-cylinder deadbolt locks for added security. Choose from a variety of interior knob finishes to complement your style.

- Insulation:

Your new home must feature high-quality insulation to ensure energy efficiency. For instance, R-38 insulation in the attic, R-13 in walls, and R-19 for elevated floors. We also offer upgrades to R-15 insulation in walls as required by local codes or selected by the customer.

- Electrical:

The new home construction home Fort Worth must enable modern living with advanced electrical features, including a 200 amp service panel, wiring for all electrical appliances, and provisions for ceiling fans. Ensure safety with GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, and exterior areas, along with arc fault outlets in bedrooms and electric smoke detectors on every floor.

- Plumbing:

The new home must boast a flexible PEX plumbing system, fixtures in various styles and finishes, and a 50-gallon electric water heater with a pressure relief valve. Exterior features include freeze-resistant faucets, washer and dishwasher hookups, and options for gas appliance connections.

- Kitchen & Bath:

Elevate your kitchen and bathroom with paint-grade cabinets, granite countertops with a 4” backsplash, and other countertop options. Choose from a range of cabinet finishes and styles to suit your preferences.

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