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Decisions, Decisions: Outdoor Entertaining

The days of “outdoor entertaining” meaning a barbecue grill and some camping chairs have come and gone. These days you can get an outdoor version of pretty much anything you could put inside a house. From outdoor four-poster beds to outdoor home theater systems, there is no limit to the options now available for equipping your yard and emptying your bank account. But whatever your budget, there are all sorts of ways to keep your friends impressed and off your carpet. Let’s have a look at some outdoor entertaining options.

The first thing your outdoor space needs is something to look at. Fire pits are the traditional choice, and there is no shortage of options. From prehistoric to ultra modern, the fire pit has never been so well treated. The choice to consider here is whether you are looking for a fire pit or a fire sculpture. The difference could pay your house payment.

If traditional wood burning doesn’t light your fire, there’s always the outdoor home theater option. These can range from normal flat screens mounted outside to inflatable screens to projector and drive-in types of screens. Don’t forget the sound system and, of course, the couch or theater seating. Want everyone you know to come over for the game? Four words: outdoor home theater system.

Depending on your particular brand of entertainment, an outdoor bar and seating area could be perfect for your entourage. You can always serve soda when the kids are around.

Cooking outside on the grill is one thing. Cooking in your outdoor kitchen is a whole other level. Serving your meal in your outdoor dining area (that includes more than a picnic table) is almost worthy of celebrity status. The key to outdoor entertaining is to keep the entertainment outdoors, and the options will keep you busy for days.

Whatever your style, there’s a whole market ready to give you exactly what you want. And no matter what style you choose, entertaining outdoors is always an occasion. Keep this in mind when you build your home and leave room for outdoor amenities, whether they be modest fire pits or giant waterfalls.