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Building a New Old Home

A decade or so ago the American Dream, or at least the Baby Boomer version, was not complete without a sprawling mini mansion with enough roof shingles to reach the moon and back. These 5,000 square foot super homes popped up in subdivisions all over the country in the late 90s before falling into a slump along with the rest of the housing market during the recession. But as the smoke clears, a new generation of buyers, the Millennials, are coming into their own, and unlike their parents, they are harking back to a simpler time.

One of the top architectural trends the last few years is a move back to older styles from the 1950s and 60s. These homes tended to be much smaller than their 1990s counterparts. Not only are these classic homes of yesteryear generally less than half the size of the abodes that would define the following generation, the rooms are smaller, the homes are more focused. The space is more efficiently used.

Unlike their grandparents, however, Millennials are taking a lesson from their parents to create the best of both worlds. They want classic, smaller houses on the outside but still with all the amenities of a contemporary home on the inside. These homes are not renovated houses from the 1950s. They are brand new homes that take characteristics of older homes and fuse them with contemporary interiors and appliances.

These new, old homes are more modest in their curb appeal but much more efficient in their wallet appeal. They boast the amenities of a new home with classic styles of the past. And like a greatest hits record, these new homes are taking the best parts of different styles and combining to create stylish, affordable homes that fit a new generation of styles and success.

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