How It Works

United-Bilt makes the process of building a new, custom home on your land easy and affordable. Here’s all it takes:

Home Selection

1. Home selection

Select a plan from our huge selection. Our helpful associates will help you choose the right house plan for your budget and your needs. Our in-house CAD department can customize the plan, too, to suit your lot and your family, or you can bring your own home plan.

Visit one of our 22 offices to examine all the options.

Home Visit

2. Home visit

Your United-Bilt sales associate and construction professional will come with you to visit your home site. They have the experience and training to help you choose exactly the right location for your home. You’ll also make decisions about the type of foundation that best suits your location, and any other needed improvements for your land.

Home Economics

3. Home economics

United-Bilt’s in-house financing lets many landowners build their homes with no money down. A single loan that covers both the building and the payoff amount for your land, no payments for six months, and 100% financing are other options. Your sales associate will help you complete the application forms.

Home Made

4. Home made

Your home will be built from the ground up on your land, using the best quality materials. United-Bilt can usually get the materials from the lumber yard to the building site in one day. Building time will vary, depending on weather and other factors that are specific to your site.

How UBH Works How UBH Works