Color of the Year 2013

Monaco BlueInternational color consortium Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2012 this year: Monaco Blue.

Pantone, which offers a color-matching service that lets designers and manufacturers all over the world know for sure that they’re talking about the same colors, chooses a single color each year that they predict will be the darling of home decorators and fashion mavens everywhere. In some ways, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is the most liveable color they’ve chosen so far in this decade. After 2012’s bright orange and 2010’s shocking pink, it should be nice to see a lush blue in magazines and store windows all year.

Some people are complaining, though. “Blue?” they’re saying, as though they could have thought of that on their own.

Think about how it works with other colors, though. This deep shade of blue looks terrific with the red-orange we’ve all been collecting this year:

We also love it with Linen, a pale nude peach which is another of the fashionable colors for 2013:

It’s the basis of some classic color combos, too, including nautical blue and white, Americana red white and blue, and the saturated yellow and blue of Provence:

We don’t think you’ll be bored with this blue by this time next year.

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