Pink — Is It the New Black?

Let’s cut out the suspense right away: no, pink is not the new black. Gray is the new black. However, pink is the partner of choice for gray for summer and fall 2012, and a grayed pink called Rose Smoke is one of the hottest new colors for home decorating.

Check out our Pink Rooms Pinterest Board for some lovely examples of pink, often with gray, in bedrooms but also in kitchens and living rooms.

If you’ve fallen in love with pink, you might be sighing over magazine spreads showing pink rooms, but assuming that you can’t really put those in your home — especially if you’re a guy or live with a guy. The takeaway from our Pink Rooms board should be this: you absolutely can use pink in your home decor, even if you have (or are) a husband.

Here’s what it takes to use pink successfully:

  • Choose your shade with care. A color like Martha Stewart’s Smoke Bush Rose or Behr’s Light Chiffon comes off as nearly neutral. Paint your walls in these shades and furnish the room in natural wood and leather for a sophisticated look. Cotton candy or Schiaparelli shades are going to look girlish, no matter what you pair them with.
  • Mix it up. An all-pink room is sweet for your baby girl, but mixing pink with gray or espresso brown has a much more elegant vibe. Mixing multiple shades of pink, while still very feminine, also looks more complex and sophisticated.
  • Think twice about boudoir touches. Pink furniture and decorative items often have lace, beads, flowers, crystals, and other frou-frou. Go for it if you want a romantic, feminine feel. Play down the girly glam by choosing simple, tailored examples of pink.

If you want to try pink in just one room, think about the dining room. Pink walls cast a glow that makes everyone look better, so your dinner guests will always look their best.

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