Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Int'l Women's Day
Since 1911, March 8th has been International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women.

In its early years, International Women’s Day was a day to work for the right to vote, the opportunity to receive an education, and the promise of safe working conditions.

At United-Bilt Homes, we have women working at every level of the organization. We’ve won the right to vote, women are almost as likely as men to hold a college degree (the difference is just .07%), and working conditions have become much safer for men and women both as a result of the efforts of those early protestors.

These are certainly great things to celebrate.

At United-Bilt Homes, though, we’re all about homes, so we wanted to share some numbers with you about the amount of work women put into their homes.

  • On an average day, 84% of women do housework and cooking, spending an average of 2.6 hours on these tasks.
  • 68% of women cook and clean up from meals.
  • 49% do cleaning and laundry on an average day.
  • The average mom spends 1.1 hours on a typical day taking physical care of a child, including feeding, changing, and bathing babies.
  • She spends 2 hours taking care of the child while doing nothing else, and 5.6 additional hours caring for the child while also doing household chores or recreational activities.
  • A study from the University of Michigan found that single women do an average of 10 hours of housework each week, while married women with no children average 17 hours of housework a week.
  • Working women spend about 30% of their after-work hours on household tasks.

So we spend a lot of time creating happy homes for ourselves, our husbands, and our families! Thank the woman who keeps your home wonderful — and if that’s you, that gives you an extra reason to celebrate on International Woman’s Day!

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