United-Bilt Floor Plans

United-Bilt FloorplanWhen you’re considering a new custom built home, you may spend a lot of time thinking about floor plans. When you’re considering having your new custom built home built on your lot by United-Bilt, you’re sure to enjoy browsing through our large selection of beautiful floorplans.

Then what? Is it like picking something out of a catalog? You say which home you like and we give you a price? What if one is almost perfect but you want a few changes? Will your home end up looking just like your neighbor’s?

The first step is always to talk with one of our expert associates. You can come and visit any of our offices and discuss your needs with an associate. We’ll come with you to see your building site and make sure the floor plan you’ve chosen will work on your lot. Many of our floor plans come with options such as a choice of bathrooms or different numbers of bedrooms. If there are changes needed, we have a department that works with the floorplans to adjust them to meet your needs.

There are always lots of details to decide on as well. Homeowners are involved in the decision making all along the way, and families can always visit the building site to share in the excitement of seeing the new house being built.

Check out our gallery of new homes to see how different each one looks, and then call 877.756.2525 to discuss your new home.

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