Joplin Relief

Our Fayetteville, Arkansas office is sending a crew of folks to Joplin today to help with disaster relief. We’re taking bottled water, cleaning supplies, plywood, pet supplies, hygiene products, blankets, rain ponchos, work gloves, and socks.

As tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters become more frequent threats in our lives, we need to consider what we ought to do to prepare.

Some disasters are so extreme that no amount of preparation could help those who live through them. For the rest, FEMA offers materials on how to prepare and what to do if you find yourself in such a disaster. The link will take you to videos and written materials that you can download and share.

In the case of a tornado, the best thing to do is to identify a shelter such as a basement or storm cellar ahead of time. Listen to announcements when tornadoes are expected, and go to a place of shelter as soon as you are told to do so. It isn’t possible to outrun a tornado, and there is nothing you can do during a tornado to keep your home or possessions safe. Going to a place of shelter with your family can keep you safe.

Helping our neighbors out after a disaster is something we all can do.

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  1. Jeffrey Norton says:

    FEMA has already partially provided for residents with shelters and relief efforts, but it’s going to take a local team effort to rebuild homes. I know Terry Dean, a Springfield realtor, has been in the home building business for many years and will help survivors get back on their feet with home repair or home building.

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